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Vapsolo FEED BAR 15000 puffs shisha Puff Disposable Vape Pen Wholesale


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vapsolo 20000 puffs shisha Puff Disposable Vape Pen Wholesale


If you want a high-quality product that emits light and is rechargeable, then please choose vapsolo (20000 puffs) shisha !

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Product description:

vapsolo 20000 puffs shisha  flavors list:

Singal Flavor:
1. watermelon ice
2. strawberry kiwi
3. stawberry banana
4. mixed berry
5. red bull
6. Black Ice Dragfruit Strawberry
7. strawberry mango
8. blue razz lemonade
9. strawberry raspberry cherry ice
10. fizzy cherry
Double Flavors:
1. lemon lime&watermelon ice
2. grape ice&strawberry kiwi
3. Pineapple coconut&strawberry banana
4. orange mango watermelon&red bull
5. blueberry ice&fizzy cherry
6. watermelon ice&mixed berry
7. stawberry banana&fizzy cherry
8. strawberry raspberry cherryice&grape ice
9. blue razz lemonade&lemon lime
10. watermelon ice&strawberry mango

Product Name: vapsolo 20000 puffs shisha

Shipping: 2-4 days
Delivery Time Usually 12-15 days
Puff: 2000
Flavor: 20
Nicotine Content:2% 5%
Can be charged:No
Battery Capacity:650mAh
Oil Capacity: 25ml
Packing: 10pcs in a box

The vapsolo 20000 puffs shisha is a disposable e-cigarette that holds 25 ml of e-cigarette juice and 20 best-selling flavors. It comes with a rechargeable 650 mAh battery and you can vape all of your nicotine juice, a mouthpiece design that allows you to vape liquids with a higher nicotine content for a great experience,  nicotine content levels:  2% 5% to give you a variety of options!

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Payment method: Western Union Remittance/Bank Transfer/USDT
Logistics method: UPS/DHL/DPD/FedEx
Services: We provide duty-free customs clearance (except for Canada and Switzerland) and 100% customs clearance (except for Denmark) services, and we will conduct multiple inspections to ensure the integrity of your package. If there are any problems with your package, please contact us within three days of receiving it and send us photos and videos of the problematic products to ensure that we can quickly identify the problem and provide you with a perfect solution

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Random Flavor, Singal Flavor:, 1. watermelon ice, 2. strawberry kiwi, 3. stawberry banana, 4. mixed berry, 5. red bull, 6. Black Ice Dragfruit Strawberry, 7. strawberry mango, 8. blue razz lemonade, 9. strawberry raspberry cherry ice, 10. fizzy cherry, Double Flavors:, 1. lemon lime&watermelon ice, 2. grape ice&strawberry kiwi, 3. Pineapple coconut&strawberry banana, 4. orange mango watermelon&red bull, 5. blueberry ice&fizzy cherry, 6. watermelon ice&mixed berry, 7. stawberry banana&fizzy cherry, 8. strawberry raspberry cherryice&grape ice, 9. blue razz lemonade&lemon lime, 10. watermelon ice&strawberry mango


2%, 5%


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